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Paul Tokar

Paul was born in '86 and has been toying with tech since the early 90's. He's a Canadian Military member, a hockey player, thinks he's a chess master and loves trying to console video games and anything else techy that catches his eye.

Cooler Master Masterliquid Lite 120 AiO Cooler Review

Cooler Master recently launched the Masterliquid lite 120. Today, we will be taking a closer look at it and letting you know where it stands with us here at TechX. The MasterLiquid Lite was released on April 18th and is hopefully a great budget option to get an AiO cooler in your system. The MasterLiquid family is quite vast and …

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Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Today Corsair is launching their Glaive gaming mouse and what better to do than drop a review on this new RGB peripheral. Packaging, Contents, and Pricing. Corsair’s Glaive comes with standard Corsair packaging, the product displayed centered on a black backdrop with yellow trim. The mouse mostly blends in with the backdrop besides the LED lights which if spotted in …

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Patriot Viper V570 Gaming Mouse Review

You may recognize Patriots ’70 series from our informal introduction at CES 2017. Recently we posted our in depth review of the 370  (Headset) and today we will take a look at the V570 gaming mouse. As gaming mice come they are available in a plethora of different styles and setups. With every review we post we hope to get …

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Zagg Rugged Book Pro Review – Stay Connected!

It’s not often that we mention or post handheld device case reviews but today we are going to introduce an outstanding addition to our IPad Air 2 we picked up at CES 2017; the Rugged Book Pro, by Zagg. Now, you may recognize them from winning our innovation award last year with the Flex Arc Wireless, an around the neck …

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Reeven Polariz Fan Controller Review – Keeping cold cool.

Creating and designing products with profession, quality, and value. Always being open to ideas and suggestions from our customers. This is the vision of Reeven; a relatively young company which started in 2009 in a small office in Taiwan wanting to bring the consumer the “perfect  user experience”.Today we introduce you to Reeven for the first time from TechnologyX in …

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Rebuild, Restructure, Review – System Upgrade time.

With our CES trip gone past, what better way to kick off the new year then with a new system build. Follow along as we unbox, build, and benchmark one of our new test systems.Thermaltake was kind enough to help us build the majority of this new rig. Starting with an open concept Core P5 Chassis. This is no ordinary …

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Tom Tom Touch Fitness Tracker Review – Get Motivated!

Fitness trackers. Now, hearing the name alone leaves some excited and some spiteful as there is a very broad spectrum of appreciation for these tiny little motivators. A lot of people will say, well they aren’t accurate, they don’t factor everything in. While others swear by them and they do so for what they are, Motivators. Devices designed to give you …

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Today meeting with Patriot we got a first glance at their 30 and 70 series of gaming peripherals. The 30 series being a more entry level set of peripherals while the 70 series steps up above the 60 series for the more experienced gamer. Pictured above you get a first glance at the 70 series. The Keyboard comes full RGB …

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Big Things in Small Packages at Zotac – CES 2017 Update

Zotac is always surprising us with their performance in gaming and this year at CES is no different. With the release of the 1080 video cards it was only a matter of time before some major mods happened to it.A few of the stand out cards we saw in their display were their ArcticStorm edition of the 1080 and their …

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