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When you wear your Nesta’s for the first time, you will immediately notice the sound isolation. The three different sized ear buds, all included within the box, help seal off your ear canal quite effectively, freeing your listening experience from the distractions of the outside world. Now there is no sound cancelling technology in these ear buds, so all the work is done by the ear buds themselves.

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Once again comparing the Nesta’s to Apple’s EarPods, these headphones produce roughly the same highs and clarity, but with a much deeper low. With the ear buds correctly fitted to the listener’s ear, the bass is able to properly amplify throughout their head, without any of the rumbling or rattling that some of the larger headphones out there produce. This creates strong bass without needing to add a larger driver, keeping the treble and clarity in check while also preventing the bass from drowning out the rest of the audio.

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We tested these headphones with all kinds of music across the board, ranging from EDM to country to rap, and were presently pleased with all of them. With no difficulties portraying music, we decided to further test them on movies and video games. During these tests, we found the headphones gave a deeper stereo sound than most other in-ear headphones, but nothing really over the top. With no surround sound capability, we couldn’t really envelop ourselves in the audio as much as we would have liked. Also, since the bass is appropriately adjusted to play music, when it comes to duplicating the powerful effect explosions have in games or cinema, we didn’t get the real “punch” that we were looking for. In the end, these headphones should only be used for what they were designed for, playing music.


With powerful bass that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the listening experience, Marley’s Nesta In-Ear Headphones really know how to create one pleasant listening experience. While not performing in any mind blowing way, for $80, these premium in-ear headphones are quite an enticing buy. Outperforming Apple’s EarPods without any sacrifice to clarity or power, while also staying in our ears under the most rigorous of activities are two great reasons to think about picking up a pair of these in-ear headphones for yourself. Coming in at $80, these definitely aren’t the cheapest in-ear headphones on the market today, but if you’re willing to spend a little extra, then maybe you don’t have to look any further than Marley’s Nesta In-Ear Headphones.

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The market today has three main types of headphones: over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and in-ear headphones (or ear buds). Today we will be looking at Marley’s newest pair of premium, in-ear headphones, the Nesta’s. When we aren’t behind our computers writing product reviews, we like partake in many activities on our spare time, such as working out, playing sports, and running. Participating in high energy activates such as these, in-ear headphones are usually the first choice for many, including ourselves, but will the $80 Nesta’s hold up to the other competitors? PACKAGING & DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS As with the rest of their…

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Powerful bass and clarity coupled with a secure fit in your head all make for one great set of in-ear headphones!

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