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Patriot Demonstrates New Storage & Memory – CES 2016 Update

Our next stop throughout CES brought us to the Patriot suite where we were introduced to new storage products, memory and peripherals. First up was new USB storage with the Supersonic Mega with capacities ranging up to 512GB, and throughout ranging up to 380 MB/s read and 70 MB/s write. Accompanying this was the slick Supersonic Magnum 2 that has …

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Thermaltake Getting a Headstart! – CES 2016 Update

Walking into Thermaltake’s suite at the Palazzo today brought back reminisce of childhood candy stores. Wall to Wall chassis and a wicked modified chassis to look like a battle tank. Right away we knew we were going to enjoy this meeting. As we know Thermaltake has a few divisions, LuxA2 and Tt eSports. Both were very well represented and presentation …

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Samsung Press Conference – CES 2016 Update

Tuesday afternoon found us at the annual Samsung CES press conference. This is one of the most anticipated and well-attended events at CES, with standing room only and dozens turned away.  The national and international media coverage is nothing less than amazing.  Let’s get right to the latest and greatest Samsung technology being announced today. As the press conference got …

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Technology X is Live at CES 2016!

We are back for this year’s rendition of the Consumer Electronics Show for 2016! CES is typically full of exciting new technology and gadget announcements that make us drool while we wait for the official launch. It is a great opportunity to see what technology is coming down the pipeline. We are privledged to demonstrate to you the samples that …

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Storage Visions 2016 – An Overview of The Latest!

The Consumer Electronics Show is just about to get under way, and we are here at Storage Visions 2016 to see the latest and greatest when it comes to storage and memory. As usual, the conference is crowded with some of the industry’s brightest minds who portray their opinions on some of the emerging trends and forecast where they believe …

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Rogue Making Workshops – Storage Visions 2016 Update

With the technological advances making our youth less involved in activity and more involved in video games, Rogue Making has an amazing view on getting kids back to using their imagination and involving them in a progressive technology. LED lights and small circuits, building creations and expanding the boundaries of imagination. One of the cool products we saw from Rogue …

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