ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4-2400 Memory Review


Handbrake is a popular, free video conversion utility which uses H.264 video encoding. We test our system performance by converting a 1080p video which is 530MB to H.264 in an MP4 container.adata_xpg-z1_handbrake

We see quite a bit of variance here between the highest and lowest clocked configurations, nearly 5 FPS, which definitely adds up when encoding large videos.


In our Photoshop CC test, we employ the Radial Blur Test for measuring CPU and Memory performance. It works by applying a complex Radial Blur filter to a high-resolution image (4500 x 3000), and measuring the time it takes to finish the task.


We can see our overclocked configuration is definitely favored here, this is to be expected as none of the other speeds have much lower timings.



For Tomb Raider, we tested the game on “Ultimate” settings with TressFX and FXAA turned on at 1080p.


We usually like to remind our readers that memory rarely effects gaming performance and this is exactly why. While there is some variance, it is barely noticeable in-game. Still our minimum FPS does get a decent boost with our overclock, so I suppose it is sort of worth it.


For Crysis 3, we tested the game on “High” settings at 1080p with FXAA enabled.


Just like with Tomb Raider, Crysis 3 seems to perform about the same across all three configurations, with the odd 1 FPS difference here and there, which is within the margin for error.


So there you have it, ADATA has once again provided a fairly respectable offering to consumers, this time in the latest DDR4 flavor. Sure, it isn’t a very good overclocking kit, and anyone looking for top of the line performance, will probably want to look at ADATA’s DDR4-3000 kits, or any DDR4-3000 kit, for that matter.

That being said, the XPG Z1 DDR4-2400 kit in this report performed fairly well, albeit rather underwhelming for its current pricing of just over $250 USD. However, this kit has been known to drop down to as low as $180, and at that price it is much more appealing.


Bottom line: the ADATA XPG Z1 offers respectable performance, some low-level overclocking and a rather cool design, and for the right price is a very appealing memory kit for most users in the market for a DDR4 memory kit. It is for all these reasons we feel it deserves our Technology X Bronze Seal!

TechX Bronze Seal Opt

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ADATA is no stranger to the DRAM market, they've been making high quality memory kits for both the consumer and enterprise markets for years, as well as consumer flash storage such as flash drives, SSDs and memory cards. Today we'll be reviewing the latest in their XPG gaming and enthusiast series: the ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4-2400 quad channel memory kit; which promises improved cooling efficiency and, DDR4 performance. PACKAGING, PRICING & SPECIFICATIONS  Taking a look at the packaging we'll see that all four of the DRAM modules can be clearly seen from either the front or back with the  labels facing…

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A Good Kit!

the ADATA XPG Z1 offers respectable performance, some low-level overclocking and a rather cool design, and for the right price is a very appealing memory kit.

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  1. Msimax Overclocker

    looks like you might have Samsung chips have you tried trd tcrp 16 or 17 when overclocking ? they don’t scale at 15

    • Hi thanks for the comment, and the tip!

      I did in fact try 16, but not 17 when overclocking. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we don’t get to test the RAM as vigorously as we’d like when overclocking, I still have this kit installed, so I may just try turning it up to 17, and report my findings, time allows.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

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