be quiet! Silent Base Orange 600 Window Chassis Review


Made of a double-glazed poly-carbonate the window is a great feature and is where you start to get a little more excited. Look inside you’ll notice there is a large opening at the back to allow you to change processor and cooling additions without removing your motherboard completely, this is always helpful.DSC00637_Fotor_clipped_rev_1

Next are the four rubber orange cable management pass throughs. These are pretty sweet not only helping you route cables but how each section is divided allows you to even separate cables individually. Also, here you can notice the seven PCI expansion slots, but the Base 600 has made them removable by thumbscrews that you must undo from the interior. One issue we ran into was when we installed our WiFi-Expansion, if you notice the photo below you’ll see it’s pushed on a slight angle, not a major flaw but we would prefer it being level and not having to strain the expansion to make it fit.DSC00665_FotorThis case comes with two fans, a 120mm (rear exhaust) and a 140mm (front intake). There is also room for up to five more fans. Two in the top and one in the front, bottom side panel, all 120mm or 140mm. Now that is a lot of airflow. One particular cool feature of the Base 600 is the optimum fan toggle. Giving you the ability to hook up to three fans to a switch found in the front door opening. This switch lets you choose between three different speeds without having to go into any settings. Simply connect via SATA power to the PSU and then connect each fan you desire to have on the switch to the connector cables and you’re good to go.34-Airflow_clipped_rev_1Next feature we found was the removable HDD Cage. There are a few options you have with this cage. Leave it in place, hang it from below the optical drive bay, as shown below, or you can actually insert it in the optical drive bay as well.DSC00693_FotorIt’s a little tricky to remove the hangar and insert it in the optical drive bay, but is doable if you do so desire.The specs on the box say that if you hang the cage from the optical drive bay size of graphics card you can install is to a maximum of 294mm. If you leave the cage where it is or remove it you can fit up to a 413mm. Well we installed ur graphics card on the lowest expansion of the expansion bays and we have plenty of clearance for a longer card.


The top panel is also removable and as advertised can house cooling units.


This feature in our opinion is better suited for the larger 800 series but is possible with the 600 you will just need a thin radiator and it will be tricky to install. We have decided to just use a secondary exhaust fan. Due to the placement of our cooling unit at the rear, we chose to place the fan at the front of the two top fan housings.DSC00690_Fotor_clipped_rev_1Once we placed the panel back on we noticed that the air slots are better suited for a rear top fan but still are functional. We advise only using the top for exhaust as the top is the only area that doesn’t come equipped with removable dust filters so if set up for intake you will have quite the mess of dust inside which is undesirable anytime.DSC00694_Fotor_clipped_rev_1

Be quiet! That’s what they said to their new Silent Base series and boy, did it ever listen. This brilliant chassis will leave you happy with spending the extra few bucks for quality. The Silent Base line comes in four options, 600 or 800 each with window or no window option. Your choice in colours are orange, black, silver and exclusively in the 800, red. Today we will be working with the 600 Window Orange. OVERVIEW The whole case is a matte black look with some complimentary orange design throughout. The front of the case is where you’ll find most…

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Quiet As A Mouse!

The be quiet! Silent Base Orange 600 Window case will not fail to impress. Spend a few extra bucks and be very satisfied with a quality product!

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