Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE Motherboard Review



The CPU socket on the Z97WE board from Biostar is identical to that of any other Z97 or Z87 board on the market. However, the Z97WE has two semi-large golden heatspreaders, to handle all of the heat created by the power delivery system. The Z97WE features a 10-phase voltage regulation system, which should allow it to deliver clean power to the CPU socket to get some fairly decent overclocking results. More on that later, though.


The Biostar Z97WE features two PCI-Express 3.0 16X slots, two PCI-Express 3.0 1X slots, and two PCI slots. The two yellow PCI-Express 16x slots work either by themselves at 16x, or if both are populated they function at 8x each. Between the two PCI-Express 16X slots, you’ll see an unusual connector that generally isn’t there. That’s the new M.2 SSD connector. This slot operates at a whopping 10Gb/s! Unfortunately we don’t have an M.2 SSD on hand to show exactly how fast it is, as the technology is pretty new.


The last thing we’re going to go over before we get into the bundled software, is the small chipset heatsink that sits to the left of the SATA ports. This covers and cools the Intel Z97 southbridge chip.

Time has come again, and Intel has released a new chipset for the LGA 1150 socket. The new Z97 chipset from Intel is pretty similar to that of the Z87 chipset that Intel released a little over a year ago. The only change that Intel has made over the Z87 is the addition of the M.2 SSD support. This doesn't mean that every board that runs on the Z97 chipset will have the new port, however the Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE that we've got up for review right now, does feature M.2 support. The Hi-FI Z97WE is definitely aimed to appeal to those…

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For those who are looking for a Z97 motherboard that are on a budget, the Biostar Hi-Fi Z97WE should definitely be on your list of contenders.

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