Corsair H60 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler Review

Specifications & Installation

In comparison to the huge 360 mm radiators out there, Corsairs’ H60 is much smaller and much more compact. This is bound to be an appealing feature to the more budget builder who is less than experienced at building PC’s. As far as specs are concerned we can see them posted on the side of the box right next to all the other selling points. The dimensions of our H60’s radiator are 157 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm. The smaller the dimensions means the easier time you are going to have placing this cooler in its forever home. You can potentially even use it as a dual purpose exhaust fan if space is extremely confined. Next we have a Corsair 120 mm PWM fan build specifically to minimize noise and maximize airflow.In terms of specific dimensions we see an obvious 120 mm x 120 mm with a height of 25 mm. This creates a very low profile design at 52 mm which makes the options of where to install this cooler more abundant. When we think of a fan we instantly want to know how fast it goes. Corsairs 120 mm PWM fan has a range of 600-1700 RPM. You will find there is no lacking in speed here. On to the installation. We should have actually named this the easey peazy installation section. We could have picked more than 5 places to stick this baby in our Thermaltake View 71 chassis which is pretty crazy. Would someone who bought a View 71 put this cooler in? Probably not, however, we just wanted to show how versatile this cooler really is. Sturdy thumbscrews connected to the back plate easily and the two power cords ran to the rear like they were meant to. We had no problem fastening the radiator in a pull configuration which is my personal preference for most coolers. The pump and copper plate screwed on with zero issues and tightened up just right. We stress this a lot in our reviews but we see the addition of thermal paste a must have for all AIO coolers. If you were to remove this cooler for any reason you would have to go out and purchase extra thermal compound which is time and money consuming. Installation complete with minimal brain usage, now on to the thermal pictures!!

Coolers are an integral part of any PC. Air coolers are on their way out as prices of AIO's drop significantly which provides room for the budget coolers to make their way into consumers builds.Were going to check out Corsair's H60 AIO cooler today and run it through a few of our own tests. We are also going to be showing our H60 through the eyes of a thermal camera. This will give you a complete understanding on how heat dissipation works. Enough talk lets get into it! Contents and Packaging Corsair does an extremely good job of making their…

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Calling all beginner builders. Are you looking you a cooler that can fit in most chassis? Are you looking for a low price of $69.99 USD? Can you handle this budget cooler? Pick your up today!

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