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Within the confines of the In Win 509 are two areas are split by a grey metal “L” bar. Inside the left side, or components side, is where the main guts of our build will go. Surrounding the components cubicle is the cooler mounting area and 2x 2.5″/3.25″ that stretch along the outer side of the L. in win 509

Forward of the main compartment you’ll see another compartment, this is a unique feature and allows for a further customizing as far as your cooling needs go. This new space is the clown car of cooling compartments, allowing you a plethora of modification win 509One thing that really pops out at you is the 2.5″ or 120mm fan single screw bays. With room for six, there is no reason your build in the In Win 509 should be lacking memory or cooling. Since this chassis is designed for customization, all of the 2.5″ keepers can be win 509On the top of our 509 are two 2.5″/3.25″ bays which can be inserted quickly and snugly with the easy mount system.In win 509On the base of the chassis is room for a full size PSU as well as a 3 bay 2.5″/3.25″ easy plug system. The connectors are at the rear of the box and all you have to do is slide them in. We like the idea of this system, however the box takes up quite a bit of win 509

If the housing is taken out, another cooling fan or resovoir can be installed. The motherboard installation area can support up to ATX-E motherboards and is lined with five rubber grommets for cable management. A rectangular motherboard cut-out provides easy installation of any sort of cooling system you desire. in win 509 Cable management on the In Win 509 might be a little bit of an issue due to the fact that the only tool provided was black zip ties. We are very excited about how the In Win 509 preforms with its cooling ability and spacious environment.

The In Win 509 is a fresh new case that is pleasing to the eyes and structurally sound at the same time. The 509 provides two tempered glass panels for the consumer that's interested in performance and showing off their components. With tons of room for customization and an outstanding airflow system, the 509 is a hard chassis to beat.PACKAGING, CONTENTS & SPECIFICATIONS The 509 comes in a every day, vanilla, cardboard box, secured with Styrofoam and a protective cover, your 509 is sure to arrive in pristine condition. In Win has ensured you have more than is necessary when it comes to hardware for installation, however fans are absent from…

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  1. While I think it would be cool to see someone try and fit (3) 360 mm radiators in this chassis, judging by the internal layout installing one 360 mm radiator might be the only logical way to go for water cooling.
    As installing more than one would see the others starved for adequate airflow (there doesn’t seem to be very much room in the front for decent airflow as it is).

    What I pictured right off the bat would be to have either a thicker 360 mm radiator or a normal (30 – 45 mm) 280 mm radiator for the front area; possibly using the front as an output, and the other fan areas as intakes.

    Just my .005 cents CAD

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