Mionix Castor Optical Gaming Mouse Review


The software for the Mionix Castor is easily available on their website, we’ve provided a link for you,  Mionix Castor Driver Software. Mouse SettingsAfter an easy install, it will open up to the page above which is the Mouse Settings page. Here you will be able to control the majority of your common features, such as button designations, polling rate and double click speed.  You’ll also notice under “MIONIX” there are four other tabs for more options and then below, that the five profile settings. Profile OptionsEach profile is fully customizable for all five settings tabs. You can also rename, import, export and save profiles. This makes it so you don’t have to limit yourself to five profiles, you will only be able to have five on-board the mouse at anytime. Sensor PerformanceFirst thing that grabbed our attention on the Sensor Performance page was the big 0%. This is the software’s surface analyzer tool which tells you about the mouse tracking ability on certain surfaces. Aside that you also see the DPI adjustment bar and you can set this with parallel axis’ or you can enable separate X/Y settings depending on your gaming preference. Lift-distance and pointer speed are also adjustable from this page. Colour SettingsMoving on to the Colour Settings tab you’ll see that this one is pretty straight forward allowing you to adjust LED Lights, LED Effects and any of the 16.8 million colour options.Macro SettingsThe final setting page is the macro’s page and is fairly standard for set up. The macro’s tab on the left and events on the right. As you see we have included the events menu tab, fairly simple to use and not much to explain here. The last tab, support, is just your basic links to FAQ, Registration, Support and downloads such as the software and firmware.


If you’re a gamer who enjoys a simple mouse with easy day-to-day function, the Castor is perfect for you. The simplicity of this mouse may make it seem like the $96.49 price tag Amazon gave it today, is a little high. The functionality and internal composition of this mouse will show the seasoned gamer a completely different picture. There are some small features that we would like to see though, maybe some adjustable weight and adding scroll wheel side-clicks to add a little more to the possibility of customizing further. Easy to use software and an overall great experience with the Castor, lands Mionix our Silver Seal!

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As far as optical gaming mice go the Castor by Mionix doesn't appear to be the mouse you'd grab first off the shelf. The packaging is basic and the mouse itself seems like your general run of the mill. We thought so to, until we got into researching and playing with it.PACKAGING The Mionix Castor comes in a very basic package. Shouting the name of the company and mouse on the front near the top and then showing the Castor itself. Around the back of the mouse you'll find a link to their website and then in the smallest advertising…

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Mionix has really impressed us with the Castor and we're sure it will impress you as well.

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