TechnologyX Affiliate Reviews for April 6, 2014

We took a short break to see and study technology within another country.  Incorporating work into this excursion was not hard to do at all.  Wifi has become so readily available wherever we go, whether it was in our hotel room, in the restaurant at dinner or suntanning on the beach. Some might say, you should leave your electronics at home, don’t take work with you and I would certainly agree. However, in this case we were trying to see how many people actually travelled without some form of technology. Our observations on this particular trip, less than 10% were ‘handsfree, so to say’.  It is hard to know for certain how many people were only using their iphones or ipads for photos alone, but we all know that they make it a lot easier to stay in touch or check email.




Size is everything in the world of SSDs and first hand proof of this can be seen in any number of ultrabooks, including the Apple MBA. True ultrabook size can only be accomplished through mSATA or M.2 SSDs. Much is the same with external storage where we have seen size reduced significantly, while performance has jumped exponentially with the introduction of UASP and SuperSpeed.


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