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Biostar Showcases New Motherboards – Computex 2015 Update

Computex 2015 coverage continues here at Technology X, where recently we met up with Biostar who were showcasing their new 100 series line of motherboards, as well as their Hi-Fi motherboard lineup. First up on display was the Biostar Gaming Z170X, this ATX board supports Intel’s 6th generations processors, has a 14 phase power design, compatible with four DDR4 slots and …

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AMD Launches Carrizo APUs for Laptops

From Windows-based tablets, to high-end gaming latops, and Ultrabooks, Intel seems to be far and away dominating the mobile x86 market. While AMD does offer quite a few mobile processor and graphics solutions in the form of their APUs, OEMs seem to be continually opting for Intel’s alternatives, likely because that is what consumers are buying. In order to change …

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Intel Releases Long-Overdue Broadwell Desktop CPUs – Computex 2015 Update

While the first products featuring Intel’s Broadwell micro-architecture were released last fall, problems with yields for their latest 14nm manufacturing process lead to long delays in the release of some products, which forced Intel to delay the full Broadwell rollout. Today, marks the latest, and presumably final phase in their Broadwell cycle, with the release of five new higher-performance quad-core processors, …

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