Cooler Master Showcases Cherry MX Green Switches At CES Las Vegas 2013

The second is a table…yup, a table. Not just any table mind you. It doubles as a stand for your laptop or tablet, and the stand can be removed and repositioned in a variety of ways. It is something I never knew I wanted so badly; such a great futuristic concept, except realized. Cooler Master is still working on the design, as they want to add a cup holder in the empty space clear of ports, yet it still looks fabulous in its current state.

cooler master

Finally getting to the third area of desktops and coolers, I saw a lot of budget-friendly, small form-factor yet fully-featured chassis and heatsinks, as well as faster fans and powerful PSU’s. Personally I have never seen a case utilize the sides for radiator installation and I was not expecting it to be capable, nay, possible at these sizes:
cooler master
The new CPU heatsinks have been fitted with vapour-chamber cooling, a method used by many GPU production companies, and yes it is present refresh of the extremely popular Hyper 212+: the Hyper 212X. Simply put, vapour-chamber cooling works in conjunction with normal copper-heatpipe cooling  to keep your CPU running at chilly temperatures.
cooler masterIMG_2705

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