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When you put Marley Rebel BT headphones on for the first time, the first thing you will notice is the overwhelming bass. Taking full advantage of the powerful drivers within, these headphones deliver one serious pump. From country to EDM to rap to rock, these headphones continued to deliver that powerful bass throughout. Fortunately enough, although the bass may be the dominant player here, the overall clarity and treble of the audio is just as prominent. Even with the bass booming in the background we could still hear all the highs and lows without any competition in sound.

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We did encounter a weird situation though between some Bluetooth devices. We tested these headphones with a variety of phones and laptops and we found that some devices, mainly phones, would boost the bass and slightly distort the audio. Again, not all devices suffered from this problem but when it did occur it was quite distracting. We found this issue on an iPhone 5 but not an iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy S5. We strongly believe this is a small isolated issue but we still need to stress that this is an issue we did come across.


Marley Rebel BT headphones are a powerful, robust pair of on-ear headphones that definitely deserve their place on the overflowing market today. With a gorgeous colour scheme and robust audio performance, these headphones are certainly a pair of headphones that should be considered by any buyer on the market today.

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We did mention the audio issue we encountered on an iPhone 5 but we strongly believe this to be an isolated case. At an average price of $70, these are one strong pair of Bluetooth headphones that should be considered by any buyer on the market today.

We are proud to award Marley Rebel BT Headphones our Silver Seal!

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The headphone audio market is a drastically growing, booming industry. With many big competing names on the market today it’s completely understandable that a consumer may become confused with what product or just which company they want to purchase from. Marley is one of those popular companies with many products of their own varying from over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones. Today we will be looking at their new Rebel BT headphones. Do they deserve their place on the market? Continue reading and we will let you know. PACKAGING & DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS The Marley Rebel BT headphones come in their recycled packaging…

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With a powerful, robust sound and Bluetooth capability these are a great pair of headphones for the average user.

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