HyperX Pulsefire Surge Gaming Mouse Review

Features and Performance

HyperX’s Ngenuity software was developed for their mice in addition to all their RGB peripherals. This allows you to incorporate up to 3 on board profiles as well as Macros and DPI settings. First off we see the overall picture of this programmable software. You are able to choose here which profile you want to change or create.The standard view shows us that even if you do not want to go in-depth into the bottomless hole of RGB. There are many different options here between solid color, color wave and breathing and really fit for whatever you would want. If you want to dive a little deeper into RGB, you can go into the advanced mode. This allows you to do many different things including changing individual LED’s to whatever you desire. All of our 48 hours in EA’s new game Anthem, was played with the Surge mouse. We loved how this mouse glided on the HyperX mouse pad and felt like the responsiveness, size and color changing was perfect. Huge thumbs up on HyperX and their new creation.

Final thoughts

Here at TechnologyX we strive to find the best products out there so we can let our readers experience the same thing we did. HyperX has created a great addition in their gaming lineup. The look of this mouse is quite great with the infinity RGB line around the perimeter.This symmetrical mouse also provides surprising amounts of comfort even during elongated gaming sessions. Our Surge’s performance created an original experience with help of NGenuity and the great hardware put into this mouse. Thumbs up to a Gold Seal winning product and pick your up here for $69.99 at the time of this review.

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Mice are a huge deal for gamers everywhere. Feel, comfort and performance are a must for anyone planning on getting the best out of their gaming experience. HyperX has sent us one of their new additions to the gaming mouse lineup, the Pulsefire Surge. After their first ever mouse the Pulsefire FPS, were excited to see what HyperX has added in their development for 2019. Packaging and Contents We have covered quite a few products from HyperX as of late and we are confident we will not be disappointed. As you can see above the packaging adheres to the professional looking concept. …

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Contents and Packaging
Features and Performance

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Looking to spice up your gaming life? Pick this up for a fair price and watch your game-play improve!

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