INWIN 901 Mini-ITX PC Chassis Review – Wrap Your System In A Gorgeous Piece Of Aluminum


The INWIN 901 Mini-ITX PC Chassis is an exceptional chassis, which features exceptional, and surprising cable management, a roomy interior that can sport some of the larger graphics cards, as well as an absolutely gorgeous exterior that would make this chassis an excellent fit in any household.


There are a couple miscues that slightly put this chassis off kilter, such as the awkward spacing when trying to reattach peripherals, or the positioning of the power supply unit that would blow the warmer air into the interior of the chassis. Both of these are easily dismissed when you consider that they are small miscues, and do not impact the functionality nor the overall look of the chassis in general.


Upon checking the Internet for a price for the INWIN 901 Mini-ITX chassis, it was shocking to see that the only price noted was for $174.99. This is higher than most Mini-ITX PC chassis, but it is quite understandable when you step back and realize that this is the only chassis of it’s kind. It is with this being said that we award the INWIN 901 Mini-ITX PC Chassis with Technology X’s Innovation award.

Tech X Innovation Award Opt

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It is not often that you find a product that is as strikingly gorgeous as it is functional, especially when it takes the form of a PC chassis. As we introduced previously, INWIN recently released the 901 Mini-ITX PC Chassis, and we have the opportunity to take an in-depth look. At the same time, INWIN released the 904 ATX chassis to accommodate those who are looking to build a larger system. However, for those wishing for a chassis that parallels INWIN contemporary and innovate design model, the 904 Mini-ITX chassis is an excellent choice, as it’s small form factor is…

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Irresistibly Gorgeous!

The INWIN 901 Mini-ITX PC Chassis is gorgeous, functional, and innovative. The price point is higher than most Mini-ITX Chassis, but then again this is not your normal chassis.

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  1. It’s an interesting case but I have a doubt. Please, tell me which model
    of the liquid cooling system are you using in this installation
    example. I can see that the brand is Corsair. I need to know if the H80I
    EXTREME is compatible, which has double fans or the HYDRO H60 which has
    a single fan in the radiator.
    Thank you very much

  2. I bought all the pieces for building my RIG in this beautiful case. It’s really elegant.
    But now I have another doubt. The internal slim ODD connectors are a SATA cable and a two-position MOLEX connector that I don’t know where I should connect it. I suppose it’s for the supply voltage. Now the question is: Do I need a special connector or where should I connect it??? No explanation I found in the documentation.

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