M-Edge Beast iPhone 6/6S Case Review – Not Your Average Case!


As we have discussed earlier the Beast comes with a few main features, the first being the magnetic armband mount. This is a great concept as most wireless device armbands tend to come in the form of sleeves you have to slip your phone in and are quite an annoyance to take your device in and out of. M-Edge has solved that issue with the the magnetic mount. Allowing you to easily remove and replace your device to the arm band. The great part of this is it takes the phone case to new places. With a magnetic phone case, the worry of dropping weights on your phone has been eliminated! Magnetically connecting your phone to the machine you are using allows you to lose that worry. Beast-Armband_Fotor_clipped_rev_1It also works as a gym buddy allowing you quick access to your phone for rest periods or to track sets. The gym isn’t the only place this is useful. Working on vehicles or in the office you’re bound to have something to click the case to that keeps it in eyesight. It helps us as we work on reviews as well, we like to listen to music and can’t hear the phone but it clicks to the desk right beside the monitor so we don’t miss a thing. The arm is made of a micro-Velcro and comfortably adjusts to fit biceps 8-16 inches. DSC00373_Fotor_clipped_rev_1Protection of your device is always the most important and M-Edge has ensured that you feel secure with this case. It does add a little bulk but the case was built for protection first, adding just under 1cm on each side and 0.5cm in thickness. This doesn’t seem like much but with the size of the iPhone you do notice it when you put the case on and use it. The front cover click in with a latch to ensure the protection of the screen, however the latch is a little finicky and would be easier to use if it was magnetic as well. The front cover seemingly would get in the way if you  were using the phone, nope, it fold completely around and latches on the back. DSC00405_Fotor_clipped_rev_1There is even a groove for it so that you don’t end up having extra bulk. We did notice that it was not as magnetic with the cover around the back but still managed to stick to everything we tried, it just had a small slip factor. Ports are always something we are worried about with cases and having the ability to fit third-party headphones or chargers. This is one of the downfalls of the Beast is that it seems specifically set up for iPhone products as our third-party chargers and headphones do not have a snug fit.DSC00404_Fotor_clipped_rev_1Then again if you have Bluetooth headphones that port won’t really matter to you. We also found that the ringer/vibrate toggle is a little tougher to switch than it needs to be. The buttons function properly and have a good feel to them. There is also a hole in the top right of the body armor which according to the photos is for a wrist strap when not using the arm band. However this did not come with the Beast and there isn’t any contents listed on the box so we are unsure if it is supposed to come with it or not.DSC00381_Fotor_clipped_rev_1


There is no doubt that the Beast is a great case for an active lifestyle, however as a all day case we ran into a few issues. With the front cover unless you have it dangling from the bottom and not secured you will be unable to easily use such things as your flash light and camera. They should also expand their audience by making cases for more then just iPhone 6/6S. These are not deal-breakers by any means just inconveniences that the case does add. As far as a gym buddy goes we love this case and the options it makes available. Ringing the register at $49.99USD for the Beast and $59.99USD for Beast w/ Armband, it falls right in the mix with most other prices for cases out there but totally out does them in functionality. M-Edge has really impressed us with the Beast and is rewarded with a Bronze Seal.TechX Bronze Seal Opt

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With the progression of wireless headphones making the mess and annoyance of cords a thing of the past, we are presented with a new problem. Still carrying that bulky awesome phone on you while walking around the gym. Having it fall out your pocket while laying on the flat bench and then having to worry about where you drop the weights not to crush it. Personally we aren't a fan of the constricting feeling of an armband at the gym either.  M-Edge has developed the Beast, an awesome case that not only keeps your phone safe from the hazard of…

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The Beast is a great case with a few things to work on. If you spend a lot of time at the gym this is should be in your case collection.

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