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Next up is the Makeblock mBot Software. Makeblock designed their software off of the very popular Scratch 2.0 graphical programming software, which is already being used by many teachers and students. The software has an easy to use interface, that support wireless communication and supports standard Arduino boards. Never mind the fact that the software is free and is a source code (that is reported to become open source later on). They even allow you to switch from graphical programming to Arduino mode – simply put this is switching form graphical programming to text-based programming.

Makeblock mBot-6

Take a look at the image below supplied by Makeblock, as you can see their mBot provides a more reasonable and more effective learning alternative than VEX, Lego and Parallax – for half the price ($99.99 USD).

Makeblock mBot-8


Understand that we are deeply discouraged by the fact that we could not find a lithium battery pack near us to try out this adorable robot! Our search will continue as we hope to test out this little guy and further see what his capabilities are!

Makeblock mBot-5

While we have only scratched the surface of the Makeblock mBot STEM Educational Robot, we are sure that the possibilities are endless. This robot is proving to be a force to reckon with, in comparison to similar graphical programming learning devices. While it is fresh out of Kickstarter, we would like to provide some recommendations, such as including the lithium battery and eliminating the AA battery requirement all together, as well as providing English instructions for markets outside of the Asia’s. Lastly, from what we have read, we would recommend making every model Bluetooth capable, such that the graphical programming interface could take place on an iOS or Android device. Kids, more than likely, already have access to iPads and Tablets, why not let the learn while using it?

Makeblock mBot-1

Our research and review of the Makeblock mBot STEM Educational Robot truly only serves as an overview, and we hope to follow this up to showcase how fun this robot can be. From what we have learned, we realize that this product is truly innovative and well deserving of our Innovation award!

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Inspiring future generations to learn, never mind learn computer programming, at a younger age, provides a great outlook as to what we can expect in the years to come. It's also interesting to read stories of children who, at such young ages, have taken an interest in such, and are already doing mind-blowing things with robotics and computers. Its easy to remember our younger days, when the most excitement we got out of using a computer was playing the metal tab on a floppy disk! One company who is helping to make classes more fun, by creating an easy-to-run robot for…

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The Makeblock mBot STEM Educational Robot is truly innovative and exciting! It provides a means for kids to incorporate what they learn in the classrooms to real-life scenarios.

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