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The mouse has an ambidextrous design allowing everyone to use the mouse comfortably. The only downside for a left-handed user is the location of the forward and backward buttons. Since they can’t be moved onto the right side of the mouse a left-handed user will just have to adjust their mouse manipulation appropriately. This can be a slight annoyance but in no way should deter a left handed user from buying this mouse. Since there are so few left-handed mice on the market today, this mouse is still a great option to consider.

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Also included in the design is a DPI switch button located just below the scroll wheel. The bottom of the mouse incorporates Teflon feet to help with effortless gliding among any surface. The Masterkeys Light L mouse has two lighting zones. The first is located on the scroll wheel and the second is a thin horizontal strip located at the rear of the mouse. Both of these zones are configured simultaneously so they can’t display a different color or lighting effect.

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Being a budget mouse, there aren’t many bells and whistles included. Other than the regular features found on common mice, this mouse can still do a few cool things. First, the DPI button. This button toggles the DPI of the mouse on the fly with a single button press going from 500 / 1000 / 2000 / 3500 then back to the start again. With no software available to configure these preset DPI’s, you are confined to those settings. This can be a slight nuisance as many gamers have very strict settings they stick to that maximizes their gaming capabilities.

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Second, to change the lighting style, you have to input simultaneous button presses to achieve the desired effect. Pushing the DPI and the right click buttons toggles the lighting on or off. Pushing the DPI and the scroll wheel buttons toggles the two LED lighting modes from either cycling or static. Lastly, pushing the DPI and the backward button with either change the cycling speed, or change the static light color. We love just how easy it is to cycle through these settings.

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Today, Cooler Master has sent us their brand new Masterkeys Lite L Combo to take a look at. This is a mouse and keyboard combo with some seriously powerful LED technology. At the small asking price of only $60, this is one fantastic bargain. PACKAGING & CONTENTS Cooler Master’s Masterkeys Lite L Combo comes in a dark grey box displaying the mouse and keyboard on the front lid. While not overly bright, the colorful pictures nicely show off the impressive lighting capabilities of these two devices. The box also talks about the main features of the two products proudly showing off the…

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For only $60, this is an amazing must buy. 16 million colours, 24-key anti-ghosting, DPI switching, and many more features make this bundle an absolute steal!

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