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Now that we are up and running we can clearly see the Telus TV programming, clear and perfectly in tune. As far as we see/hear, no latency. The much anticipated sigh of relief comes.DSC00529_Fotor_clipped_rev_1Using the Telus TV remote aimed at the Wireless Receiver we work the menu and TV programming as if we were aiming it directly at the box itself. This tells us our IR extender is working and is properly positioned. What about gaming you ask? Two thumbs up, we played a round of NHL 16 with a solid win and game play was smooth and easily controlled. The only issue we ran into is if you are too far away from your video game console you’ll lose your wireless remote connection, but that is at no fault to the Home+. We did start to notice a little lag in connection when we tried to move the second TV from downstairs to out on the back porch. We fully believe that with clear line of sight you’d have no problem going 100’. The performance of the Aries Home+ is amazing in our opinion.DSC00540_Fotor_clipped_rev_1PRICE & WARRANTY

$209.99! There’s no sugar coating this one. If you want a functional plug n’ play, high quality product for streaming 1080p wirelessly, it’s going to cost you. For those of you who don’t mind the price and can appreciate the value of such a product, you are going to be happy with your purchase. The Home+ comes with a one year warranty and a lifetime customer support.



We had no issues and think that Nyrius has hit the nail right on the head. Allowing you to place a TV and hook up any system you want to it anywhere in your house is, in our opinion, nothing short of perfect. This will allow you to get that TV in the garage you always wanted for those warm summer nights when you get booted to the dog house, or allow you to entertain on your back porch and have some music or a hockey game playing while you barbecue. Going from packaging to set up in under five minutes is a win to us.

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A few small areas for improvement are always going to pop up though. Nyrius has only given us one HDMI cable. Therefore in order to have the loop in TV and the second TV hooked up to the receiver you’ll need to acquire an extra HDMI cable. Also, a little more weight to the base of the transmitter and receiver will give it a more sturdy form on whatever surface you put them. We found that the weight of the cords pulled and moved the receiver quite a bit and you had to manipulate the cords to get it in the perfect position you want it in.

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Today we will be taking a look at an outstanding product brought by our friends at NYRIUS. The ARIES HOME+. What is that you ask? Well, it provides a wireless HDMI transmission to anywhere in your home. Follow along to find out more. https://youtu.be/i7YrCivIJFk PACKAGING & CONTENTS The box itself is blue and white and as most products have some key features and the product displayed on the front. Around the back you’ll see a picture displaying the potential of the product itself through a clear image of a racing game on a large wall mounted TV. If you browse…

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The Nyrius ARIES HOME + is one of our favourite products of 2015. We love it! It is a little pricey, but it's important to remember that you get what you pay for especially when it comes to streaming 1080p content.

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