Xigmatek Aquila Micro ATX PC Chassis Review



On the side of the front trim lies two USB 3.0 ports, a mic and headphone jack and a single indicator LED (hidden in the recessed hole at the bottom) that does both power and HDD activity functions.


The back side of the Aquila features a bottom-mounted PSU port, four expansion slots to accommodate Micro-ATX boards, a pair of grommets for routing water-cooling tubing or wiring and an exhaust port with mounts for both 120mm and 140mm fans.


The right side of the case is pretty plain and boring – just a solid side panel.


The top of the Aquila features a mesh panel that’s held in with a magnet on the back side.


The power button is a rather large square  chromed plastic unit with a good solid feel to it. There is no reset button anywhere on the Aquila.


The bottom of the Aquila features a removable power supply intake filter for easy cleaning. It’s also worth noting that the filter removes from the side of the case rather than the rear.

Let’s take a look at the interior features now.

Xigmatek is a name that has been around for a few years now making everything from CPU coolers to power supplies to fans to cases. Xigmatek has always made cases with unique styling that sets them apart from everyone else. Their latest release is no different. The Aquila is a small cube-like case that will hold a Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX system and boasts some unique features. Xigmatek was kind enough to send one over for us to check out so let's get to it! A little about the Aquila from Xigmatek: "In 2013 Xigmatek completely redesigned the traditional look of the…

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Great Chassis!

The Xigmatek Aquila is a great little case with unique styling and would make a great home for an HTPC or LAN-party rig.

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