Thermaltake Poseidon Z RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Let’s flip to the keyboards mechanics. This Poseidon Z RGB features Brown “Kailh” switches that can compare quite similarity to Cherry switches, specification-wise. These switches don’t give you that loud clicky noise that you would expect out of keyboard with blue switches for example. Rather, it gives you what Thermaltake best describes as a tactile feeling (written on the back of the packaging). What does this mean? You can feel the key activate as it is pressed slowly, which actually gives it a nice feel to it. Thermaltake reports to us that these brown switches require 19mm for actuation, bottom out the key press at 4mm.

Thermaltake Poseidon Z RGB 1

We are also told that the spring design allows for improved actuation force durability, with 45g for our Brown switches and 50g for the Blue. To help with switch registration, Thermaltake has plated the contact points gold to help to the durability of the key presses. They do say that there switches are capable of a mechanic switch lifetime rating of 50 million keystrokes.

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Inside the Poseidon Z RGB, Thermaltake has embedded a 32bit ARM Cortex-MO chipset, which can simultaneously process each keystroke and control LED lighting.

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Looking at the keyboard itself, the Poseidon Z RGB has a dedicated switch that allows you to create macros on-the-fly, without having to use any software. Also included is a a dedicated Windows Disable Key, a handy feature that prevents you from accidetnly opening up that start menu and pulling you out of the game. Thermaltake also threw in 5 reprogrammable functions keys.

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The backside of the keyboard is straight forward. Two tabs are able to be propped up in order to adjust the level of the Poseidon Z RGB. On these tabs, as well as on the base of the keyboard there are rubber feet that plant the keyboard firmly to pretty much any surface.

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A little while back we took an in-depth look at the Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum, a gaming keyboard that surprised us. Today we are looking a similar gaming keyboard, the Thermaltake Poseidon Z RGB, from Tt eSports. Since there hasn't been much change when it comes to the mechanics of gaming keyboards in the last while, one of the trends that has really taken off since CES 2014 has been RGB lighting effects. Putting the switches aside, prior to RGB lighting effects it was the plain white, back-lighting that was one of those features that really made higher-end gaming keyboards stand out. Now as technology…

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The Thermaltake Tt eSports Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a comfortable choice for any gamer that wants to light up their desktop with ease

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