Thermaltake TTeSports Ventus Gaming Mouse Review


We found the best way to test this mouse was by playing a few different games and programs, such as StarCraft 2, Diablo 2 and Photoshop.  The mouse performed great, but when switching DPI settings while gaming, the red notification did not show up on the screen to show that the setting had been changed.  In StarCraft 2 and Diablo 2, being able to program the side buttons of the mouse for keyboard shortcuts made game play faster and enabled us to stay focused on the game and not worry about hitting keys on the keyboard. Being able to change DPI settings mid-game play was nice, as it enables the user to be more accurate when needed.

When using the mouse in Photoshop, we programmed the side buttons as shortcuts for the most common tools to speed up editing processes. The red notification did show up in Photoshop when DPI settings were changed.

After prolonged use, we found that my hand would get sore as the VENTUS is designed to be used left or right-handed, and its shape does not leave your hand in a comfortable resting position. The VENTUS has the great makings of a gaming mouse with lots of customization in the software program, but lacks the comfort for long time play.  This mouse is more suited for the casual gamer who wants the capabilities of a more expensive mouse, without the higher price tag.

We would like  to thank ThermalTake for providing us with the opportunity to try out and review the new TTeSports Ventus gaming mouse.

The selection of gaming peripherals continues to grow at a steady pace. Thermaltake, whose TTeSports product line is geared towards gamers, have brought several new mice to market in recent months. Today we have on hand for review ThermalTtake's TTeSports Ventus gaming mouse. The VENTUS gaming mouse by Thermaltake comes with its own carrying case, stickers to add to your collection and an excellent 2 year warranty. At $49.99 USD, this represents a great value, and a good addition to any causal gamer's arsenal.   MOUSE DESIGN The VENTUS mouse is designed with a soft arc from front to back, and is narrow enough to be comfortable for a…

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Great for the casual gamer

The Tt eSports Ventus mouse is great for the casual gamer. Great for the left or right handed gamer, as well it is priced affordably at $49.99 us

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