Chris Jolliffe

When it comes to technology, Chris is an enthusiast, border-line addict, of all gadgets and devices. His technical knowledge stems from university computer science studies and general destruction of his own personal computers. He is one for taking the step outside of the box to solve puzzles and help make those puzzles a little easier for everyone else.

Technology X is Live at CES 2016!

We are back for this year’s rendition of the Consumer Electronics Show for 2016! CES is typically full of exciting new technology and gadget announcements that make us drool while we wait for the official launch. It is a great opportunity to see what technology is coming down the pipeline. We are privledged to demonstrate to you the samples that …

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Storage Visions 2016 – An Overview of The Latest!

The Consumer Electronics Show is just about to get under way, and we are here at Storage Visions 2016 to see the latest and greatest when it comes to storage and memory. As usual, the conference is crowded with some of the industry’s brightest minds who portray their opinions on some of the emerging trends and forecast where they believe …

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be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU Cooler Review

Today we will be looking at our latest upgrade to our older, but still efficient, Z77 build, by swapping out our all-in-one CPU cooler for the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3. From our past experience with be quiet! we can guarantee one thing before we even open the packaging, that is this product is going to be near-silent. This is …

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Cougar Launches Attack X3 Mechanical Keyboard

Cougar has announced the arrival of the Attack X3 mechanical keyboard, which is purely designed for gamers! Housed in a gorgeous piece of aluminum, the Attack X3 features Cherry MX switches will provide gaming performance with that unique tactile and audible feedback. It has a quick response time with a 1000Hz polling rate as well as N-Key Rollover capabilities to …

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i-rocks M20E Illuminated Gaming Laser Mouse Review

Whenever you hear of a company that may not be that brand name you are used to hearing, it could be considered that this brand may not live up to the expectations of that brand name you know so well. However, when you bring that brand home and release that it is almost exceeding expectations, you become pleasantly surprised. Today we …

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ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 AMP! Graphics Card Review

With Fallout 4 just being released on November 10th 2015, some of you may be looking at upgrading your gaming pc’s components. Probably one of the easiest upgrades you can make to your gaming rig is to upgrade the graphics card and SSD. Today, thanks to ZOTAC, we get to check out the performance of their GeForce GTX 980 AMP! graphics …

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