Cooler Master MA610P Air Cooler Review

Testing & Performance

Standard testing will employ Intel’s XTU for manipulation of the clocks and voltages as well as AIDA64 for monitoring our results.First test we run is a default stress test, which will push 100% load on the CPU for an hour followed by the same stress test when over-clocked. Ambient temperature is set at 21C.After an hour you can see the CPU sits at a steady 49C and the CPU Package sits around 61.3C. The I7 definitely is running a little warm especially deep into the cores.

Next thing to do is pump the voltages and multiplier up to 1.350 and 50 respectively. Leaving us at a stable 5GHz, lets push the stress test again. Sitting around 64.1C and the package up around 76C, is a little warm but not to shabby for an air cooler on an i7. Stability is key and as you can see we have that.

The specs of the MA610P say a max of 35 dBa, while running our sound test we had the unit dialed in at 39.7 dBa, which yes is above the advertised 35dBa Max, but remember those specs are on the fan and don’t account for the noise created by both fans working together through the radiator. If you are really curious about what dBa are equal to what, we have included an “on average” scale so you can have slight comparisons.

Final Thoughts & Analysis.

There’s no denying that the MA610P is a an all around fancy piece of kit. Running average temperatures while stressing at 4.5GHz and 5GHz, this cooler gives you stability and reliability. Not to mention it makes your rig look like it has a V10 in it. We would like to see the temperatures drop a little but we seem to have a hard time making that happen with the I7’s regardless of cooler. Some things we would like to see improvements on are mostly give and take situations. asking for more RAM clearance will increase the height of the cooler itself making it harder to fit in normal chassis as well  The RGB capabilities are astounding and really make the chassis shine. For under $70USD the MA610P is a must have for those who prefer air cooling yet also adore the RGB trend we are living in! Pick yours up today with the assurance of a TechnologyX Silver Seal.


We are not too sure if it's the whether or what but seems that "cooling" is the theme at the moment. Today we are going to take a look at the MA610P from Cooler Master. Recently released, this cooler brings dual 120 fans to a fairly substantial sized radiator to hopefully bring great cooling potential. Contents, and Pricing Part of the Master Air Series, the MA610P, is a dual 120mm RGB fan design. The design is brilliant and showcased on the front of the retail packaging you can see the cooler while in use. A black and purple designed box…

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Get One!

Cooler Master's MA610P is a great piece of kit to add to your rig pick one up today!

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