Plextor M6V SSD (1TB) & PlexTurbo Review


We can’t fully recommend any caching software, especially over the performance value of a  high quality SSD. As you can see above, our benchmark tests show that the PlexTurbo software enables the drive to theoretically transfer at some amazing speeds. As we try to move closer and closer to testing in a real world environment, we see those speeds drop down significantly, which is expected with caching software. As we have noted a few times previously, caching to the DRAM doesn’t provide any consistency as you would expect to see with SATA 3 throughput.

We do have to say though, seeing a value oriented drive that is valued at $99.99, that with PlexTurbo enabled can produce theoretical throughput of 1 to 4 GB/s is rather amazing. Will you actually see these speeds on a day to day basis? Maybe, or maybe not. Many of the tasks that best utilize caching software are run in the background anyways, so you may not even see it occur on a normal basis, never mind with DRAM caching enabled.


To put it simply, if you want faster and more consistent speeds, take the plunge and budget for a high performance SSD. If your budget for a storage device is limited, a value orientated drive that has the option of DRAM caching is still an excellent option. Hence why Technology X is awarding Plextor with the Top Value award.


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Recently our big brother website, The SSD Review, posted an article outlining the standard performance of the Plextor M6V. The article looked at the throughput through your standard SATA 3 (6Gb/s) port, and if you take a read through the article you can see that this value oriented drive provided very consistent performance. While we could sit here and regurgitate the information and details found in the previous article, we wanted to take things one step further. Today, we are going to look at PlexTurbo and how it changes the performance of the Plextor M6V. WHAT IS A SOLID STATE DRIVE?…

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The Plextor M6V alone is a great entry level SSD, if you are looking for a storage option on a budget. Throw in PlexTurbo and you have the potential to reach some great theoretical speeds.

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