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Understandably, these earphones are specifically designed for Samsung, Windows and Blackberry devices, so when we next tried them out on an iPhone 5S, we were less than satisfied. Actually, incredibly dissatisfied. It is important to point out though, this is not their marketed or designed purpose. When we listened to the same playlist on both the Galaxy Note 4 and compared it to our iPhone 5s, we noticed a significant difference, obviously favouring the Samsung smartphone, almost like it was a different set of earphones.

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While the design may appear near flawless, for us we think there could have been more placed into the design. For $69.95 we expected more, why the earphones can’t be compatible with multiple devices (including iPhone), is an excellent question. The eartips, while very comfortable, could have been designed to push the sound out more effectively.

If you are just looking for a solid set of earphones for listening to some tunes at the gym, and don’t want to worry about sweat or the ruggedness of the earphones, as long as you have a Samsung/Windows/Blackberry, these are a great set of earphones. Otherwise, it  might not be a bad idea to keep looking, especially if you use an iPhone or want crisper sound.

While we were not overly impressed with the Sennheiser MX 686G Sport Earphones, we are still awarding it with our Bronze Seal of Approval. Outside of our recommendations, these earphones are probably the most rugged, durable, and ‘gym-proof’ earphones we have seen to date.

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Summer is here, and as we start off July, some may be re-starting their fitness routine. It has been said in studies that just by listening to your favorite music, you can see an increase in your performance and endurance. A pretty simple tweak to help you get a jump start. Why not give your gym music arsenal a switch, and test out the Sennheiser MX 686G Sport Earphones. Why you may ask? Take a read to find out! DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS Taking a look at the exterior of the packaging, you can see exactly what you are buying. The earphones are…

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While we think there are a few 'tweaks' needed to take Sennheiser MX 686G Sport earphones to the #1 spot, these may very well be the most rugged and durable earphones we have seen to date.

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  1. I’m not satisfied with this review. In fact, I’m dissatisfied. Lol, that was a funny part in the read. What this review and rating lacks is focus on the intended audience. If you are weight lifting then use those crappy apple buds talked about in this review. Otherwise, everyone else looking to buy these runs outside. Or runs inside. Either way, the design is meant for running. I have a 2014 model that has rocked all this time. Most importantly it rocks through the 10-43km sweat-a-thon. Good luck keeping the apple buds in your ear and dry. So basically I learnt very little from this review aside from the added bass response compared to my 2014 pair. Thanks for that I suppose.

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