Tesoro Gram Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Review


Tesoro has impressed us today with the Gram spectrum. The low profile keys were just a small impression to draw you in and fully immerse yourself into the greatness that is the Gram Spectrum. The price we have seen bounce around from $170-220 CAD which is a little high but for the product you are getting it should be worth the few extra bucks if you are looking for something reliable and durable.

Tesoro Gram spectrum

A little more attention given to the lighting effects and expanding the “spectrum” effect to be something a little more interesting and the software would be as good as gold… or whatever other of the 16.8 million colours  there are. The Gram spectrum is taking away our Gold Seal today and should be darn proud of it. Keep it up Tesoro we look forward to what you send our way next!

Tech-X-Gold-Seal-OptCheck Out Tesoro’s Gram Spectrum on Amazon!

Customization and performance are the two major points that are front and center when we talk about gaming peripherals and with the new age of lighting and full RGB devices, aesthetics are starting to become as important as ever. With Tesoro's self-proclaimed high end keyboard we look forward to seeing what the GRAM spectrum has to offer.PACKAGING, UNBOXING & PRICING Packaged in a thinner box then we usually see a keyboard  in, the GRAM spectrum is already giving us a a preview of the sleekness of this keyboard. A black box with a glossed photo of the keyboard running it's…

Review Overview


New Standard!

Tesoro's Gram Spectrum sets a new standard for feel and use of a keyboard, a little adjustment to the software and maybe a wrist rest are the only things that could make the Gram any better!

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