Cooler Master Announces Quick Fire XTi Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master has announced the Quick Fire XTi gaming keyboard. It features a minimalistic degisn with multi-colour backlighting. The keyboard features only what you need, removing any logos or “clutter”. It was designed with symmetry in mind, making it very appealing to look at and has UV coated keys making it soft to touch. Additionally, the UV coating helps to protect the keys ensuring the keyboard will last for a long time without the letters slowly starting to disappear.

Quick Fire XTi_4 Top View

The keyboard itself was built to be customizable in a very user-friendly way. All profiles, macros, and lighting options are easily customizable without the use of complex software. The custom lighting options are due to the red and blue backlighting allowing for up to 35 different colours. The lighting for the Quick Fire XTi comes with multiple modes including wave, breathing and other unique responsive effects, all of which create different lighting features as you type. All of these features also have the ability to be updated from the Quick Fire XTi product page whenever they are announced. It comes in three flavours: red, brown, or blue Cherry MX switches, allowing you to get the customized keyboard of your choice.

Quick Fire XTi_3 Blue Full On

The Quick Fire XTi will also help with your game performance with it’s 100% anti-ghosting with 104-key rollover USB. This feature will ensure that they key you want to be pressed is detected, whether or not your intensive game play means other keys are being triggered.

Quick Fire XTi_1

The design continues with a well-designed cable that will not strain or fray that is detachable, braided, and cloth. At the bottom of the keyboard is a micro USB plug and three cable tracks that allow you to secure the cable in the most convenient place for you and your set up.

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