Cooler Master Storm Recon & Skorpion Review

Indeed, the Recon can be used for those that are left-handed, right-handed, or both. The differences do not end there. The Xornet has a soft rubber coating on all of its buttons, but not around the mouse itself. The Sentinel is the opposite. It does have the coating around the mouse, but not on the buttons. The Recon takes the best of both worlds, featuring the soft rubber on the base of the mouse (to appease palm-grippers), and the buttons (for claw-grippers), with the sides remaining a polished plastic.

Also, the Recon has the most buttons due to it being ambidextrous. The Xornet has seven, the Sentinel Advance has eight, and the Recon has nine due to it having back/forward buttons on both sides of the mouse as opposed the other two having only one set on the left side. On all three the Omron/TTC micro tactile switches are exquisite and extremely quick with feedback and responsiveness.

One big change is the middle mouse wheel. I absolutely love Cooler Master ‘s design. There is a nice rubber coating in the middle with grooves, and adding two LED light strips on either side just makes it look amazing in the dark. The little things are easily perfected by Cooler Master, and this is a great example. Furthermore, the Cooler Master Storm logo lights up according to whichever colour you pick or switch to.

After playing with it for a few good weeks, I have had no problems with the scroll wheel/button whatsoever, which is nice since many people consider that feature to be a make-or-break when buying a gaming mouse.


  1. Nice looking site guys! and a nice mouse also 😛

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