Cooler Master H500 Chassis Review

Installation and Test Bench

We went with the build we used for the two other Cooler Master chassis to keep our format very standard.

Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 7
Processor Intel i7 8700k
Graphics Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 ti
PSU EVGA 1000w G3
CPU Cooler Cooler Master ML360R RGB
RAM 4 x 8 gb 2933 mhz HyperX Predator 
Fans Stock Fans
SSD Samsung SM951 512 GB M.2
HDD San Disk 1 TB 

Reference the above chart as to what has been installed in our build!
Motherboard installation was very easy and as you can see here we ran our 360 mm Cooler Master AIO radiator to the front intake area. Instead of using the stock fans on the cooler we used the 200 mm fans as the intake. The tubing fit almost perfectly  and left us with tons of room to build in.
Here is just a front side view of our monster cooling device. Hopefully this performs admirably. The three RGB fans from the AIO were put to another use. We used these three as airflow exhaust. Our reasoning was to add much more of an RGB presence to dazzle those around us.  Our GPU had no problem fitting right into place here. We didn’t want to go with a vertical mount, however, it is a possibility depending on the wants of the builder.
The drive tray here was used for two specific reasons. One reason was to hold our 2.5 ” dive and the second was to house our Cooler Master RGB controller for our fans. It was a great place to put the controller as it is almost out of view but still accessible. Right next to the drive tray is a huge amount of space to run cables through.  After the installation of the PSU cover we are very excited to get this baby fired up. Only one thumb screw attaches the plastic cover which makes it easy to use if you have to switch out cables.  As we mentioned earlier, cable management is one of the hardest parts of a build. We ran most of our cables down the center here to see if the 30 mm of room would be enough to prevent any side panel bulging. It proved to be an ample amount of space!With all the extra cable room in the back and the addition of a PSU cover we are met with a very clean build. This chassis may look original on the outside, however, on the inside is where it really matters. 

Last in our series of the three Cooler Master installments is another mid tower option in their lineup. Were going to be looking at the H500 today to see if this is the best option for your building needs.Mid tower chassis are great for budget builders who are looking to spend their extra money elsewhere on components that make a performance difference. Lets see if this puppy can impress us. Packaging Contents and Price With our national postal service on strike, we were very happy to receive our package on time.Living in a fortress of protection, it's no surprise this…

Review Overview

External Design / Ascetics
Internal Design
Ease of Instalation

Original Performer

$90 USD is a very exceptional price if your looking to start a build and a chassis is on your list. Cooler Master's H500 is a great fit for any build or builder level.

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