Cooler Master H500 Chassis Review

Final Thoughts

The question in every-bodies minds here is did you like Cooler Master’s H500 chassis? Hands down for us the answer is an overwhelming yes. This chassis really provides in airflow, space management and RGB appeal. It may not be the most beautiful white swan of chassis, however, its functionally sound.Even with a somewhat sub par appearance, we find the 200 mm RGB fans to pick up a lot of the aesthetic slack. Were very happy with the H500 chassis and would recommend you pick yours up today if you’re looking for an easy and pleasant build. Cooler Master takes home our silver seal with their H500.

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Last in our series of the three Cooler Master installments is another mid tower option in their lineup. Were going to be looking at the H500 today to see if this is the best option for your building needs.Mid tower chassis are great for budget builders who are looking to spend their extra money elsewhere on components that make a performance difference. Lets see if this puppy can impress us. Packaging Contents and Price With our national postal service on strike, we were very happy to receive our package on time.Living in a fortress of protection, it's no surprise this…

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External Design / Ascetics
Internal Design
Ease of Instalation

Original Performer

$90 USD is a very exceptional price if your looking to start a build and a chassis is on your list. Cooler Master's H500 is a great fit for any build or builder level.

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