Pittasoft Blackvue Sport SC500 Action Camera – Our ‘Vue’ The Latest 12MP HD Wi-Fi Action Camera Out There

The LCD itself features a power switch, which allows you to turn off the LCD during times of use to preserve battery life.

The LCD can also be detached, allowing for use of the Blackvue Sport without the use of screen, again to preserve battery life if necessary. Interestingly enough, the LCD connector is the same as Apple’s 30-pin connector


One side of the Blackvue Sport has two buttons and the microphone. The top button  will enable/disable the WiFi, and the bottom is the camera’s power button and mode button. A long press will power the unit on/off and short presses will alter the shooting mode. The mode button is also used in the settings for navigation through the menus.


The other side of the camera is the terminal for the micro-USB and HDMI connections, as well as the location of the micro-SD memory card slot. Unfortunately, the Blackvue sport does not feature any internal memory, nor is a micro-SD card included with the unit.


The Blackvue sport features a Sony Exmor 12M Pixel lens, with a full HD CMOS sensor and has auto exposure as well as white balance. What does this really mean for you? The Sony Exmor CMOS sensor can increase the amount of light, reduce the amount of noise, and enhance the speed of the lens, thus better pictures. If you are interested in researching more into the Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, I suggest you take a look at a well-written article over at Henry’s camera.

The Blackvue Sport camera lens has a 152° angle of view. The larger angle of view allows for more content to be included within the picture, but in turn the wider view would not be advantageous for emphasizing on a particular object. This is great feature of the Blackvue Sport, especially as an action camera. It gives you more room in the picture to ensure that your precious moment gets caught on camera.


The Blackvue Sport can also record Full 1080p HD videos, at a rate of 60fps. High speed video shooting can record in 720p at 120fps. It is important to note than when shooting in high speed, the Blackvue Sport will not record any audio. The battery life has been noted to last 2 hours when recording in 1080p.


An interesting feature of the Blackvue Sport is the built-in WiFi. The sole purpose of the WiFi function is to connect to the Blackvue Sport App, which is available on Android and iOS. The app gives you a live visual of the camera, with up to 10 meters between the smartphone/tablet and the Blackvue Sport. The app also lets you manage the storage within the camera, to review or delete any media on the device.

Pittasoft is a Korean based company that focuses on video camera technology, more specifically, dashboard based video cameras. Here at Technology X we have the pleasure of taking a look at the Blackvue Sport SC500 action camera. It is important to note that the Blackvue Sport has not been released at the time of this review, so any findings could, and may, have changed. Action camera’s are becoming more and more popular, and as technology keeps advancing, our ever increasing desire to capture our unique moments has become easier. Pittasoft has placed an emphasis on capturing “unforgettable” and “magical” moments,…

Review Overview


Multi-Purpose Action Camera!

Pittasoft has diversified the action camera market. The Blackvue Sport is not only an excellent action camera, but would make a great passenger on your next family vacation!

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  1. This is what a blackvue can do : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zy6mTxCBJE

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