Pittasoft Blackvue Sport SC500 Action Camera – Our ‘Vue’ The Latest 12MP HD Wi-Fi Action Camera Out There


The reported battery record time is accurate provided that the LCD screen is not being used. The Blackvue Sport was tested with the LCD screen on, while recording video at 1080p and the battery lasted approximately 1.5 hours. It should also be noted that after approximately 7 minutes of 1080p video recording, the entire Blackvue Sport unit had begun to heat up, which was not expected.


Upon testing the Blackvue Sport application on Apple’s iOS, the Blackvue Sport failed to connect to the device. Of course, relating back to the fact that this is an unreleased model and the Blackvue Sport app is only version 1.0. It is not uncommon to easily resolve bug fixes in the form of software and firmware upgrades. The Blackvue Sport application on Android performed much better than the iOS app. It was fully functional, allowed access to every feature and worked well in general.


The Blackvue Sport comes with 1 year of manufactures warranty from the time of purchase. The Blackvue is expected to retail at $300.



Pittasoft has done an excellent job at opening up the competition in the action camera market, as the Blackvue Sport is definitely a contender. I was really impressed with the picture and video quality. With that being said at this point in time, it is apparent that there are some glitches and bugs, which are common with unreleased products. I will definitely be taking the Blackvue Sport with me the next time I go skydiving!

To learn more about Pittasoft and the Blackvue Sport, please visit their website here!

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Pittasoft is a Korean based company that focuses on video camera technology, more specifically, dashboard based video cameras. Here at Technology X we have the pleasure of taking a look at the Blackvue Sport SC500 action camera. It is important to note that the Blackvue Sport has not been released at the time of this review, so any findings could, and may, have changed. Action camera’s are becoming more and more popular, and as technology keeps advancing, our ever increasing desire to capture our unique moments has become easier. Pittasoft has placed an emphasis on capturing “unforgettable” and “magical” moments,…

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Multi-Purpose Action Camera!

Pittasoft has diversified the action camera market. The Blackvue Sport is not only an excellent action camera, but would make a great passenger on your next family vacation!

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  1. This is what a blackvue can do : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zy6mTxCBJE

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