Zalman ZM-K900M Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


All in all the K900M is a nice board. Responsive and the NKRO works as assumed, great. Coming in at $100USD the board is well worth what you pay for it. With on board memory you can simply unplug and move from PC to PC without missing a beat. Zalman ZM-K900MThe hardware included is functional and with some practice is not hard to get used to but we would prefer to see some software options as well. It is much easier for new users to. The lighting effects are outstanding and we were pleased to see some unique effects that we haven’t seen before in other RGB options from reviews. Zalman has really stepped up a great product at a reasonable price here and we are glad to give the K900M our Gold Seal.

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Our last review showed us one of the basic models of gaming keyboard by Zalman. Today we are going to take a step to the top of their pedestal, reviewing the ZM-K900M RGB mechanical gaming keyboard.From first glance this board we can say is already a step up from the K650 but then again it was made to be so. PACKAGING, CONTENTS & PRICING The K900M comes in a very colourful box and rightfully so. It's a RGB keyboard it needs to give that image off from the start. The branding of the keyboard is all presented in a shiny…

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Gold Seal!

The K900M is a great board with functional features and a great sound from the blue Kailh switches. Just not a huge fan of no software keyboards. A little practice and learning though and this board is good to go.

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