Fractal Design Define XL R2 Black Pearl Chassis Review – Full-Tower Nearly Perfected


Alas we are at the end of the review and the Fractal Design Define XL R2 is looking like a real winner. The case has a lot going for it, but it did take a few tries for Fractal Design to reach this point. A large chassis with intricate design features – such as a swivel door and soundproofing material – alongside a plethora of design methods propels the Define XL R2 in the hard-to-perfect full-tower chassis segment.

fractal design define xl r2 pc case chassis-8

There are a few concerns here and there however, especially the $125 price. For a full-tower case this is pretty decent, but the main attraction of the Define XL R2 is its minimalistic design, which may not be for those looking for more – especially those wanting a flashy exterior. Additions of an eSATA port, extra fan controllers, and lengthier rubber feet would have been appreciate as well, but those are very minor concerns.

fractal design define xl r2 pc case chassis

Built like a truck, it is quite heavy, but it is also very sturdy. The brushed aluminum finish looks great in both the black pearl and titanium gray versions; the soundproof layer  and Silent Series R2 fans provide exceptional noise and thermal performance respectively;  and finally, the copious amounts of space and design options truly make the $125 Fractal Design Define XL R2 worth the premium for any builder and any user.

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