Rosewill Introduces New Chassis And Entry Into Networking Peripherals At CES 2013

As we can see, it has more than enough room for any peripheral or add-on you throw at it. Heck, it holds a massive 1600W power supply with no problems. A handy feature Rosewill has implement in their upcoming chassis, as seen on the Throne, is an easy-install expansion slot for the optical drive area. Instead of having to cut your hand punching it out from inside the case, you can simply pull the latch on the side and store it away in case you need it again.

Rosewill (28)

Rosewill (24)

Next up we saw Rosewill’s line of PSU’s, most notably the massive 1600W Hercules which is present in the Throne build. I am glad to note that these PSU’s are modular/semi-modular, with some fanless models as well.

Rosewill (5)

The other chassis came next, and looked stunning as usual. I particularly fell in love with Rosewill’s mini cases as they are made from some slick material. All of the cases come with a ridiculous overdose of fans, and that is one area that Rosewill has always excelled at. Considering the pricing of proper case fans, getting a plethora of them without the added cost is a great start for a computer build.

Rosewill (3)

Rosewill (4)

The next area of Rosewill’s suite consisted of their accessories and peripherals. USB 3.0 and eSATA capable HDD docks were on display, as well as external fan and fan-less drive enclosures, HDMI cables, and USB 3.0 hubs:

Rosewill (7)

The Helios mechanical keyboard was a big surprise here. It is the first keyboard with multi-LED configuration, so you can have different lights illuminating different parts of the keyboard. This gives it over 24 different programmable settings!

Rosewill (13)

Rosewill (21)

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