Rosewill Introduces New Chassis And Entry Into Networking Peripherals At CES 2013

Sprucing-up their broad catalogue of products, Rosewill revealed some really neat consumer home electronics like the infrared thermometer, as well as backpacks and laptop stands. Right below the thermometers is one of Rosewill’s many server chassis options. I actually have the exact same one; it is a brilliant piece of construction.

Rosewill (12) Rosewill (19)

Let us not forget the five-bay RAID NAS unit. Users can now store and access media from one central location with the added protection of RAID redundancy. For an easier method of access for said media, Rosewill fine-tuned their HTPC remotes based on user response for a bigger WMC button!

Rosewill (11)

Rosewill (20)

For security measures, Rosewill has an IP camera and 16-channel DVR for recording surveillance which can store months worth of footage:

Rosewill (16)

Rosewill (17)

Finally to round off consumer electronics, Rosewill showcased their extremely popular solar-powered garden lights:

Rosewill (18)

As we can see Rosewill is certainly distancing themselves from the competition and really coming into their own. With a wide array of products encompassing a broad spectrum of consumers, Rosewill has a solid line-up of tools, accessories, peripherals, and hardware to carry them into what is shaping up to be a very successful new year.

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