Samsung HW-F550 Bluetooth SoundBar Speaker System Review – Delivering A Euphoric 2.1 Channel Experience


The HW-F550 contains 2 way front speakers in the SoundBar that can produce 80 watts per channel and the subwoofer can produce a further 150 watts.  Therefore the entire HW-F550 2.1 channel system can produce 310 watts of total power which is quite impressive for a 2.1 channel system.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550-16

What is most impressive about the HW-F550 is that both the SoundBar and subwoofer can be wirelessly connected to various Samsung 3D televisions through the ‘SoundShare’ feature.  There is no need to utilize wire connections, minimizing the clutter and constant havoc associated with placing wires discreetly throughout the room.  Without the use of wires it is also possible to place the subwoofer in any spot of the room while seamlessly providing powerful bass to enhance the SoundBar’s output.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550 soundbar speaker system

The HW-F550 can be further connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth, which provides the streaming of music from mobile or tablet devices with Bluetooth capabilities.  By selecting the Bluetooth option on the SoundBar, any device with Bluetooth capabilities can connect to the SoundBar allowing for music selections literally at users’ fingertips.  The SoundBar accepts .wav, .mp3, .wma, .aac, .Flac, and .Ogg AV decoding formats, allowing for nearly all types of music files to be played on the SoundBar system.

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  1. Is it possible to add a second wireless sub ?

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