Samsung HW-F550 Bluetooth SoundBar Speaker System Review – Delivering A Euphoric 2.1 Channel Experience


We found the HW-F550 to be more than enough for the average consumer that requires a home audio/theatre system to complement their Samsung television.  The 310 watts of total power in a 2.1 channel system is really impressive as most 5.1 channel systems are between 500-1000 watts and the systems are much bulkier than the 2.1 channel systems which essentially disappear in the presence of the television.  We found the HW-F550 with HD sound capabilities truly enhances movie experience, providing deep sound through action segments without the distortion as standard definition audio would.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550 soundbar speaker system

We also enjoyed the Bluetooth feature that allowed for the connection of an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the audio bar, allowing for an ease of streaming music which did not require the connection of a cable.  With the Bluetooth feature we was able to move around in the room while having full control over the playlist, a feature which we believe truly sets the HW-F550 apart from the competitors.  We should also mention how simple it was to mount the SoundBar below the television and the placement of the subwoofer in the room.  It actually took longer to read the user manual (about ten minutes) than to install and setup the SoundBar system.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550 soundbar speaker system

We would expect the HW-F550 2.1 channel system to be a necessity to those individuals who are buying any current model Samsung television.  We also thought we would mention for those audiophiles that Samsung has a 2.1 channel system (HW-F750) that comes equipped with a vacuum tube amp, although it will cost you around $799.99.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550 soundbar speaker system

With that said we have to mention one area where we believe the SoundBar system could be improved, specifically in regards to connectivity options – we would have liked to see at least two, if not three HDMI inputs, specifically due to fact that most individuals own at least one personal gaming system as well a Blu-Ray player. Rather than connecting the systems through the television, it would be nice to connect all systems through the audio bar and having the HDMI out connect to the television; we understand it may not be a big deal to most individuals, although we personally like a few HDMI inputs.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550 soundbar speaker system

Other than that little tirade, we have to admit that for the mere price of approximately $359.99, the Samsung HW-F550 Bluetooth SoundBar speaker system is a great buy and will truly enhance your television (movies, music, gaming, functionality, and cable routing) experience, as well as provide you with a mini audio system which is Bluetooth compatible. Overall, for the excellent set of features and low price, the Samsung HW-F550 gets out ‘Top Value’ award!

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  1. Is it possible to add a second wireless sub ?

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