Samsung HW-F550 Bluetooth SoundBar Speaker System Review – Delivering A Euphoric 2.1 Channel Experience


The HW-F550 contains ‘High Definition Sound’ (HD Sound) which provides a full spectrum of sound which provides a greater audio quality compared to standard definition sound.

‘3D Sound Plus’ (used with Samsung 3D televisions) matches the sound of the images on the television to match the 3D depth of the image, providing a true 3D experience in your own home.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550 soundbar speaker system

‘Anynet+’ allows the one-touch control of all Samsung HDMI connected devices (that are Anynet+ compatible), providing the quick control of all devices connected to your television at your fingertips.

‘Smart On’ and ‘Smart Volume’ are new features (found on only 2013 Samsung televisions) which allow the user to turn on the SoundBar and to control the volume of the SoundBar once initiated from the Samsung television remote.  These ultimately minimizing the need for two remotes, allowing ease of functionality of the SoundBar system.

Samsung bluetooth audio bar HW-F550 soundbar speaker system

The SoundBar contains a fair assortment of inputs and outputs for a wide-range of video and audio uses of which include:

–          1 audio input (mini stereo)

–          1 optical input

–          1 HDMI input

–          1 HDMI output

–          2.1 Bluetooth Capability (SoundShare)

–          Wireless Capability

–          1 USB Host

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  1. Is it possible to add a second wireless sub ?

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