Windows 10 Hands-On Review – Microsoft Makes Big Steps Forward

Windows 10 Technical Preview Start Menu

Recently Microsoft unveiled the next version of its massively popular Windows operating-system: Windows 10. The oddly named successor to Windows 8 aims to bring back the familiarity of Windows 7, while still bringing something new and fresh to the table. After the lukewarm reception of Windows 8, Microsoft is obviously attempting to distance the next version of their OS by …

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Microsoft Relents On Ill-Conceived Office 2013 Licensing Restrictions

OFFICE 2013 NOW TRANSFERABLE When Microsoft began shipping copies of Office 2013 to customers in February, it quickly came to light that Microsoft was tying the individual licenses to the computer it was installed on; rather than to the user who purchased it and/or installed it.  This was a departure from previous retail versions, and meant that one could not …

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