Thursday , 17 April 2014
Learn What SSDs Can Do For You:

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Challenger Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review – The Cooler Way To Game!


Today we are taking a look at Thermaltake’s Tt eSPORTS Challenger Illuminated gaming keyboard, which we found right off the bat to be extremely easy to type on. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS, the gaming division of Thermaltake, has really pulled out all of the stops with the Challenger Illuminated gaming keyboard. When looking to purchase a new keyboard, it can often ... Read More »

Technology X Affiliate Reviews for April 14, 2014

Plextor M6e PCIe M.2 SSD With Adapter Featured

HIGHLIGHT REVIEW WIN A PLEXTOR M6e PCIe SSD FOR YOUR PC @ THESSDREVIEW The SSD Review and Plextor are teaming up to give away one of their newest M6e PCIe SSDs to one lucky reader!  That’s right, break that SATA barrier in any system that has an open PCIe slot. CHASSIS Zalman Z3 Plus White Mid-Tower Case Review @ HiTech ... Read More »

The Heartbleed Bug – What Is It & What Do I Need To Do?

Heartbleed Bug Featured

No, it’s not a medical condition or an ailment of any type. You may not have heard of it yet, but discovered on Monday was the Heartbleed Bug, which is a very serious security flaw that has affected majority of the internet. This bug allows hackers to essentially have access to all of the servers that your favourite websites may ... Read More »

TechnologyX Affiliate Reviews for April 6, 2014


We took a short break to see and study technology within another country.  Incorporating work into this excursion was not hard to do at all.  Wifi has become so readily available wherever we go, whether it was in our hotel room, in the restaurant at dinner or suntanning on the beach. Some might say, you should leave your electronics at ... Read More »

Cougar MX300 Midtower Gaming Case Review – Full Functionality Without Busting Your Budget

Cougar MX300 Featured

Do-it-yourself PC chassis manufacturers continue to bring new products to market at a steady pace.  While many such manufacturers gear the bulk of their offerings to the mid-level and enthusiast market, some companies have recognized the need for more budget-builder-friendly versions, especially for gamers. Cougar was founded in 2007, and their “Passion X Innovation” philosophy has produced many functional, user-oriented ... Read More »

TechnologyX Affiliate Reviews for March 25, 2014


Are you looking to update your system and don’t know where to start? If you haven’t already, you should investigate replacing your hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD). Maybe you need some new peripherals, you know, a new mouse or keyboard? After you are done here, check out what some of our affiliate review sites are looking at ... Read More »

TechnologyX Affiliate Reviews for March 18, 2014


We have pulled together a few of the most recent reviews, completed by our affiliates, on peripherals for you to browse.  It is becoming evident that people like to change these components fairly often. So why not get a few opinions before you go out and purchase yours. Continue to follow us on TechnologyX for our views as well. HIGHLIGHT ... Read More »

Crucial M550 SSD (512GB) Review – Consistent Performance Never Looked So Good!

Crucial M550 SSD 512GB Featured

Our report today examines Crucial’s latest SATA 3 SSD release, the M550 2.5″ 512GB SSD. The M550 is directed towards the personal computing market and is advertised with increased performance, expanded battery life for mobile users, a more fluid set of form factors and the standard high capacities. The Crucial M550 2.5″ SSD features the SATA III (6Gbps) interface as ... Read More »

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