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Chuwi Hi8 Pro Tablet Review

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Tablet -8

The last time we reviewed a tablet, it was one that on first glance exceed expectations, but thanks to you, our readers, we saw that there was more that what meet’s the eye. All this taken into consideration, today we will be reviewing the Chuwi Hi8 Pro Tablet. PACKAGING & PRICING To start simply, the Chuwi Hi8 Pro Tablet comes in …

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Patriot Viper Elite DDR4-3200 Memory (16GB) Review

Patriot Viper Elite DDR4-3200-6

Supercharging our Z170 test bench allowed us to squeeze out every ounce of performance possible and with thanks to Patriot, we look to squeeze out some more! Today we are tossing Patriot’s Viper Elite DDR4-3200 memory into our test bench in hopes to speed things up! PACKAGING, PRICING & SPECIFICATIONS The front of the packaging of the Elite Series Viper DDR4 …

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Supercharging Our Test Bench Thanks to Thermaltake & Kingston!

Supercharge Z170-43

Not too long ago, we collaborated with many partners to put together our most recent and most epic test bench to date. Well just as quickly as trends change in this industry, so do our systems, mainly to address specific components and hardware to address our testing needs. Becoming more and more popular is the demand for power consumption. Thanks …

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Tesoro Sagitta Gaming Mouse Review

Tesoro Sagitta

Gaming mice are all over the place from top-notch to bottom-third and here at TechX we understand that. It’s our motive to give you the ability to scroll through those with ease and make a sound decision on your purchase, always trying to tow that line of price and function. Today we are going to introduce you to the Sagitta …

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Affiliate Reviews for May 8, 2016


Spring clean up time is here. What better time to update some of your components or maybe even get yourself a new system. We have pulled together a few things for you to check out. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Lexar 633x micro SDXC Card @ The SSD Review The ability to upgrade storage in today’s smartphones seems to have become key once …

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Elgato Eve Energy Wireless Power Sensor & Switch Review


Today we are taking an in-depth look at the Eve Energy, the wireless power sensor and switch, a small white power adapter that allows you to monitor consumption, remotely control that electronic and track power trends with that device. What more could you ask for from a smart home device? Let’s find out! With spring finally providing it’s full effect, the …

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Enermax Revolution XtII 750W PSU Unboxing & Overview

Enermax Revolution XT 750W

The unsung hero, the one without praise yet possessing the knowledge that those who shine above them are nothing without them. The foundation of every build is the PSU and whether is often overlooked in the long run or just simply out-shined by it’s fancy counter-parts, it’s presence is essential and it’s performance is priority. Today we are going to …

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Dog & Bone Wetsuit iPhone 6/6S Case Review

Dog and Bone Wetsuit

Keeping our wireless devices functional and working properly is one of the most demanding and necessary tasks. Losing your phone’s capabilities is now more than ever to some literally or metaphorically a life and death situation. Keeping your  phone charged as well as guarded from the elements are the two key factors in this. In an earlier review we took …

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Adata i-Memory 64GB iPhone Flash Drive Review

Adata i-Memory 64gb

Data transfer and backup has always been one of the hot topics when it comes to i-products. Have you backed up lately? Do you need to again? Also, are you even near your computer when you thought of this? Will you remember later? The questions can go on for days, but there is an answer and a great one at …

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