Tuesday , 1 September 2015
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SOCAM Ultimate Full HD Action Camera Review

Conrad Electronics SOCAM UltiMate Action Camera Featured

With life’s fast pace and active lifestyle, more people strive to capture that “live action” that we yern to remember so. With the invent of the small action cameras such as ‘Go Pro”, we also have SOCAM Ultimate Full HD Action Camera, by Conrad Electronics, hitting the market, as welll as our test bench today! EXTERIOR PACKAGING AND COMPONENTS The SOCAM Ultimate ... Read More »

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM Lens Review

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM

INTRODUCTION The 70-200mm focal length has been one of the most versatile and popular zoom ranges available. First introduced in March of 1995 the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM has been one of the go to lenses for sports, portraiture, and journalism across the world. Canon has four 70-200mm lenses in their lineup, two f/2.8s and f/4s with and without ... Read More »

Strontium Nitro 566X SDXC UHS-1 Card and Nitro 466X Micro SDHC UHS-1 Card Review

Strontium Nitro 566X SDXC 64GB Card and Strontium Nitro 466X SDHC 32GB Card

Founded in 2002, Strontium is a relatively new company which specializes in flash memory products. It has been noted that Strontium produces 7,000,000 flash products every month, and here at Technology X we got the opportunity to check out the Strontium Nitro 566X SDXC UHS-1 64GB Card and the Strontium Nitro 466X Micro SDHC UHS-1 32GB Card. Let’s take a ... Read More »

Pittasoft Blackvue Sport SC500 Action Camera – Our ‘Vue’ The Latest 12MP HD Wi-Fi Action Camera Out There

Pittasoft Blackvue Sport SC500 Featured

Pittasoft is a Korean based company that focuses on video camera technology, more specifically, dashboard based video cameras. Here at Technology X we have the pleasure of taking a look at the Blackvue Sport SC500 action camera. It is important to note that the Blackvue Sport has not been released at the time of this review, so any findings could, ... Read More »

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Telephoto Lens Review

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM - 1

First introduced back in July of 1992, the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM medium telephoto lens has been the go to lens of portrait photographers for decades. It benefits from the solid build quality coupled with the low price and overall great image quality. Furthermore, it is lightweight, has pleasant bokeh, and has an extremely fast and accurate focusing system. ... Read More »

Patriot 128GB EP Pro SDXC Card Review

Patriot EP Pro 128GB Featured

The demand couldn’t be greater for high volume SDXC cards with professional DSLR cameras transitioning from from larger CompactFlash memory cards to SDXC cards. My camera is the Canon EOS 6D and, considering the space saved in moving to the smaller card, one might believe that two SDXC slots would have been an ideal trade-off.  Manufacturers recognize that media professionals ... Read More »

Samsung WB800F Smart Camera Review – A Proficient Pocket-Sized SuperZoom For Under $300

samsung wb800f smart camera featured

Point-and-shoots almost seem like a last option while shopping for cameras nowadays, while phone cameras constantly improve optics and quality. It’s tough to compete in a market so saturated with endless high and low end fixed lens options. This generation of point-and-shoot cameras needs a few things to compete with the onslaught, such as excellent optics, wireless connectivity – and ... Read More »

Kingston Class 10 UHS-I (U1) SDXC Ultimate 64GB Card & MobileLite G3 Card Reader Review


Yesterday’s advanced camera and video realm has become the norm of today and with that, the consumer needs to carry a bit more knowledge on their shoulders.  Where any SD card might suffice for newer consumer media recorders of just a short time ago, today’s equipment shoots in 1080P video, over 40 megapixels and has brought such advanced features as ... Read More »