Sunday , 29 March 2015
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Turtle Rock Studios Releases Evolve PC Hardware Requirements


After months of waiting, Turtle Rock Studios has finally released the PC hardware requirements for their upcoming asymmetrical shooter, Evolve. The actual specifications are quite reasonable, and most PC gamers shouldn’t have any issues meeting at least the minimum requirements. EVOLVE PC HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: OS: Windows 7 64-bit INTEL CPU: Core 2 Duo E6600 AMD CPU: Athlon 64 X2 ... Read More »

The Rise Of Indie Games – A Quick Look Into The Genre And History

Indie Game Featured

WHAT IS AN INDIE GAME OR INDIE COMPANY? Indie Games are usually what some consumers might consider those “artsy obscure titles that hipsters play.” Lately however, that definition has been shifting and changing with the steep rise in prominence and popularity of indie titles. By now, indie titles can encompass any genre, have vastly varying degrees of quality and can ... Read More »

Battlefield 4 Hands-On At E3 2013 – DICE Improves On The Little Things Missing From Battlefield 3

battlefield 4

With the huge success of Battlefield 3, DICE developers decided to reveal the upcoming Battlefield 4 soon after. At E3 2013 we got the chance to play the alpha version of BF4’s multiplayer, with a full 32 versus 32 PC setup. The US and Chinese forces clash in the Siege of Shanghai map in ‘conquest’ mode. Even in alpha, Battlefield ... Read More »

Batman Arkham Origins – Holy Prequel Batman!


The famed Batman Arkham series is getting a new title in its franchise: Batman: Arkham Origins. This game will be set in a time where Bruce Wayne is still quite young and inexperienced, and will be meeting many of the iconic villains for the first time. As can be seen from the Game Informer image the assassin Deathstroke will be making ... Read More »

StarCraft II Vengeance Cinematic Trailer Debuts Prior To HOTS Expansion Release


Not many companies can capture an audience quite like Blizzard. Between the Diablo, Warcraft, and StarCraft franchises its safe to say they have made their mark on the gaming community. This makes it no surprise that at 12:15pm PST, a rambunctious 400,000 viewers eagerly awaited the new StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm trailer. The panel appears, with Blizzard veteran ... Read More »

Is VALVe Gearing Up To Battle Nintendo, Sony And Microsoft’s Next-Gen Gaming Consoles?


Anyone even remotely associated with gaming knows about Steam. VALVe’s software evolved from being a lowly bare-bones digital-rights management (DRM) nuisance to a tremendously successful digital-content distribution system holding well over 80-85% of market share on PC. VALVe recently rolled out Steam’s Big Picture Mode, a new UI designed specifically for TV’s making it easier for users who prefer console environments of ... Read More »