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CES 2016

Cooler Master Wants to Make It Yours! – CES 2016 Update

Our much anticipated meeting with Cooler Master was just as great as we could have hoped for and the products we learned about excited us for the future. As we walked into this beautiful suite, the first thing we got a look at was the newest prototype for Cooler Master. We were able to take pictures of the outside, but …

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Life N Soul Displays New Headsets – CES 2016 Update

We made our way through the Las Vegas Convention Centre Halls where we met with Life N Soul, a headphone and speaker manufacturer who was displaying their latest bluetooth headsets. First up was the BN302, these noise-reducing bluetooth headphones come in fantastic bright colors and feature bluetooth technology. You can simultaneously pair two devices to the headset allowing for calls to …

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Phanteks Displays Their Chassis’ Showcase – CES 2016 Update

We made our way over to the Phanteks suite to check out their latest chassis. As you’ve noticed, we have had the pleasure of taking many in-depth looks at several various chassis’ lately, so the opportunity to take a look a the latest generation is very exciting. The first thing we were introduced to was the new line of ATX mid-towers, …

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be quiet! Highlights New Power Supply – CES 2016 Update

Our coverage of CES 2016 continues as be quiet! the insanely silent case fan, CPU cooler and power supply manufacturer has release their latest power supply! The be quiet! Pure Power 9 is set to replace the existing Pure Power 8, which previously was only a fixed cable version. The Pure Power 9 will have fixed cables as well as …

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XMP Profiles & Skylake Stability Issues – CES 2016 Update

As CES continues one of the topics that we frequently discussed with memory and motherboard manufacturers is the on-going issue of unstable Skylake builds. This topic seems to be rather ‘hush-hush’ throughout the industry, and if not ‘hush-hush’ than it is a topic not readily discussed.  As seen in our latest Z170 build, we found that with clock frequencies ranging up …

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Zotac Previews Mini PCs & Smart Home Kit- CES 2016 Update

Technology X made their way to the Zotac suite where they witnessed new SSD’s, both 2.5″ form factor and their new PCIe SSD, new prototype mini PC’s and smart home gadgetry! First off on display was Zotac’s new entrance into the solid state storage industry with their 2.5″ form factor SATA f3 6 Gbps SSD’s. These feature Toshiba MLC NAND …

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Kingston Showcases New Headsets & Virtual Reality! – CES 2016 Update

Xbox and HTC, Kingston’s two new technological brethren. When we heard this we were very excited and couldn’t wait to explore what they were brewing up. Xbox has joined up to launch Kingstons CloudX headset, the new generation of Cloud headsets you’ve seen. Launching sometime around the start of Q2, and should come in somewhere around $120 USD.This is great …

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Patriot Demonstrates New Storage & Memory – CES 2016 Update

Our next stop throughout CES brought us to the Patriot suite where we were introduced to new storage products, memory and peripherals. First up was new USB storage with the Supersonic Mega with capacities ranging up to 512GB, and throughout ranging up to 380 MB/s read and 70 MB/s write. Accompanying this was the slick Supersonic Magnum 2 that has …

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