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Technology X Affiliate Reviews for February 6, 2014

The day after the big storm! Ok, it wasn’t that big, not here in Niagara anyway, but it did qualify as the first day that schools and businesses could legitimately be closed for a snow day. Our neighbors to the south however, they are getting hit hard.   If you can, just stay inside and stay warm. HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Angelbird SSD2Go …

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Angelbird SSD2go & Angelbird SSD2go TWIN 480GB External SSD Review – Pushing USB 3.0 To The Limit

angelbird ssd2go external usb 3.0 ssd twin 480gb 240gb feat

With the rapid progress of technology from one day to the next, concepts, ideas, inventions, and reinventions suddenly turn from wishful thinking into reality. In the case of solid-state drives the burning question was whether we would see a viable external solution. Conventional hard-drives already go their external variant primarily thanks to USB 2.0; with the raw speed and performance …

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