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Cooler Master K500 TG Chassis Review

Cooler Master has recently bestowed upon us their recent mid tower RGB budget lineup. We are very excited to have a look at these new chassis and to see if quality comes with a smaller price tag.The new K500 TG chassis is comparable to Corsair’s Spec-06 which we covered earlier on our site. Lets get right into the good and …

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Corsair Spec-06 Chassis Review

Canadian summers are hot and short and feel like they are always coming to an end. Before the leaves start falling and the white, cold and wet stuff starts tumbling from the sky we took the opportunity to go outside and get some great photos.Today we are going to be taking an in-depth look at Corsairs new addition to their …

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In Win 303 C Review – Mid Tower Powerhouse?

When you think of mid tower chassis what usually comes to mind? Affordability, good use of space, and functionality are the first few things we can think of. In Win’s new 303C is going to be put to the test as well as three of their new silent Polaris RGB fans. We haven’t been let down to date with In …

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Fractal Design R5 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Choosing the right computer case can take quite some time, especially nowadays when the market is flooded with choices. You have a plethora of size and design options. There are cases designed for the best cooling, others for aesthetics and others for silence, but often times, it is hard to find a case with the right mix of each of …

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Thermaltake Core V51 Mid-Tower PC Case Review

Established in 1999, Thermaltake has been in the computer case industry for years. Being a part time computer tech, I built plenty of rigs with their products. They typically offer plenty of value combining a high level of user convenience with their designs at low prices. Their new Core series of cases are no exception. Following the launch of the …

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Cougar Archon Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review – Cutting Edge, Budget-Cutting, Both, or Neither?

cougar archon featured

The mid-tower PC case market is a very crowded segment, so differentiating yourself from the competition is what is going to be required in order to become a successful product.  Even the sub-category of “gaming” mid-tower PC case is becoming populated with dozens of choices.  When we drill even further down to the sub-sub-category of “budget” “gaming” mid-tower PC case, …

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