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ceBIT 2013

Upcoming Products From Enermax

Enermax had quite a big showing at CeBIT 2013 and presented a vast array of hardware around their booth. With the release of their Fulmo ST chassis, it marks off one of the unreleased products we saw at the showcase. Here are the others: Enermax Fanless PSU (Unnamed) The first fan-less power supply from Enermax is completely silent, and sports an …

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ASRock Intros Server Motherboards and Dual Sided Hybrid Storage Server – ceBIT Germany 2013 Update

If one has any doubt on the increasing popularity of server builds these days, a quick look at the response to our sister site article, ‘ Building a Home Server – The Complete Guide‘ should ease your mind. Our prediction is that servers will soon be to desktops, what ultrabooks are becoming to laptop systems, a mainstream alternative.  Our meeting …

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Intel Extreme Masters World Championships Reigns at ceBIT Germany 2013

If ever you wondered which ‘hangar’ was ever the most popular at ceBIT Germany, year after year, search no more as that containing Intel’s Annual Extreme Masters World Gaming Championships is the all out winner. In fact, I would never have imagined such crowds and so many gamers in one place, actually necessitating lines several hundred feet long outside Building …

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Beautiful Girls of ceBIT 2013 – ceBIT Germany 2013 Update

Ok…so we have been a bit complacent about getting some coverage into Tech X from ceBIT 2013 as first priority of this event, perhaps a bit unfairly went to our sister site, The SSD Review Fret not though as we try and get some great coverage in today and tomorrow starting with just a bit of dual coverage, the other …

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