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Tom Tom Touch Fitness Tracker Review – Get Motivated!

Fitness trackers. Now, hearing the name alone leaves some excited and some spiteful as there is a very broad spectrum of appreciation for these tiny little motivators. A lot of people will say, well they aren’t accurate, they don’t factor everything in. While others swear by them and they do so for what they are, Motivators. Devices designed to give you …

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M-Edge Beast iPhone 6/6S Case Review – Not Your Average Case!

With the progression of wireless headphones making the mess and annoyance of cords a thing of the past, we are presented with a new problem. Still carrying that bulky awesome phone on you while walking around the gym. Having it fall out your pocket while laying on the flat bench and then having to worry about where you drop the …

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Polar Welcomes Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor

Polar has recently unveiled an upgrade to their A360 line, now incorporating heart rate monitoring. The Polar A360 is a colourful alternative to other heart rate/fitness tracking wearables, such as the FitBit Charge HR. “The key to achieving Polar’s well-known accuracy relies on how data is recorded by the sensor, and then how it is interpreted. We developed our own …

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Connected Cycle Launches Smart Pedal

Connected Cycle has just announced a GPS-enabled smart pedal that provides its user with many benefits. In addition to its GPS tracking features, the smart pedal also tracks your fitness statistics, helps to prevent against theft, and they will continue to announce new features and rewards. Connected Cycle is a French start-up company who first shared this idea at CES …

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Runtastic Orbit Review – Your 24/7 Activity Tracker!

2015 is well on its way and for some so are their resolutions for the new year. The hardest part of keeping a New Years ‘fitness’ resolution can be keeping tabs on your fitness goals. While its imprtant to keep track of caloric intake, it’s also improtant to track your caloric expenditure, or how many calories you are burning. Sure, …

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