Platin Monaco 5.1.2 Wireless Home Theatre Review – WiSA HT Certified THX Tuned Dolby Atmos

Some time ago… Two audiophiles were seated in a bar when one was overheard suggesting wireless speakers.  He hasn’t been heard of since.  No seriously.  Friends don’t let friends mention wireless and high quality audio in the same sentence.  The mere thought of such is unheard of in audio enthusiast circles and I remember my forum search a few years …

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Nextbase 622GW 4K Dash Cam Review – As Good as Dash Cams Get

The last year has been pretty much a write-off as one of our favorite pre-occupations during the summer months is travel.  The world stage has changed drastically and, as much as world travel holds its benefits, getting into the Z and just driving can’t be beat. We were actually holding up this review because we wanted to include some amazing …

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Comica CMV VM10ii micro-directional boom microphone Review

Take a click on the link below and watch our newest review on the Comica CMV VM10ii microphone. We are glad to present the Comica CMV VM10ii with a Bronze Seal.For $56 we couldn’t be more impressed and if you want to one for yourself for $40, click here! Take a click on the link below and watch our newest …

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